Chiharu Shiota




Hirose and Nagatani use motifs from the daily life in their work. Confectionaries, wrapping paper, postcards, receipts, bird nests, potatoes, magazines, plastic, stationaries. Their home, apartments, classrooms, housing.

They always have a connection with our daily lives. Under their statement that “the boundary between daily life and art in the contemporary context” is their theme, by creating artwork from things that were in our daily lives, our lives begin to change. The human mind is complex and liable to change; in our everyday we realise in certain moments that today is different from yesterday. They use various methods of expression in their work, however, there is a consistent direction to knowing oneself better in their world.

We feel a sense of discomfort when we see something familiar become a work of art. Perhaps people only realise that there is no such thing as eternity to anything, when the foundation of where they stand or what they see becomes unstable.